Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Favorite Room

My favorite room in the house is definetely the nursery. I think one of the funnest parts about having a baby is decorating the room and finding a spot for all of the cute things you get. I am about a week away from my due date and reality is starting to set in. First there is the reality that I am sure won't fully hit us till we are in the hospital in labor... that we are actually having a living breathing baby that is going to totally depend on us to take care of it... we are going to be mommy and daddy for the rest of eternity... and all of these adorable things that I go stare at every day in the nursery are finally going to get put to use. I have so many cute outfits... I don't know how I will choose what to dress her in everyday. I will probably change her outfit 5 times before I leave the house(: I just can't wait to meet her... to see what she looks like... to hold her and kiss her! I love her so much allready and I haven't even met her yet! I hope she gets here soon!


Josten and Sarah said...

Looks so cute! Ah, I remember the waiting game with our first. Everyday is an eternity! Hang in there!

Hannah said...

That closet looks very well stocked! I am so happy for you!

Camille English said...

I just found you guys! Yay! My mom Called this Morning and Told me you had you baby girl! Congratulations! We'll have to came into CDA and see her as soon as you both are up to it. Hope everthing is well!

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The Ericksons said...

i love the decorating!! She'll have such an awesome mommy to keep her all cute.

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