Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paisley Jane

Well, she's finally here!

Paisley Jane was born at 12:13 am after 15 hours of labor and 12 minutes of pushing. She weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long! She is a very sweet baby and we already can't imagine life without her!

My second experience with a new baby has been so wonderful so far I can't complain one bit! Paisley is so sweet and content and nurses like a champ! She reminds us a lot of what Lexi looked like when she was born although I think her nose is a little different.

I think the hardest part of this whole experience was not being able to see Lexi the whole time we were in the hospital. They wouldn't allow anyone under 14, even siblings to come visit! Needless to say, I was anxious for us to get home so that Lexi could meet her new baby sister!

Lexi was sooo cute with Paisley when she saw her! She kept saying "Hi Baby! Hi Baby!" She kept wanting to hold her and cuddle her. She is very fascinated when I nurse her or change her diaper. She has seemed to handle the transition really well so far. So far she's only tried to feed her string cheese once.

Our first family picture at the hospital (minus Lexi)

It seems that we are destined to have Billi babies!
Paisley's levels were too high this morning so she is now under the lights, doctors orders!
It is so much better this time than with Lexi because they delivered a little bed right to our house for her to lay on instead of having to go back to the hospital like we did with Lexi!

When we first put Paisley in the bed, she was the most alert she's been so far. She just laid there so sweet looking around for a long time before she fell asleep.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boise Trip

A couple of weeks ago we got the sad news that Will's grandpa Jim (his mom's dad) had passed away. He was an amazing grandpa and I was so glad for the chance i had to know him. He always made me feel so special and a part of the family. Although its a hard time for Will to leave the Car Wash and I only had 3 weeks left in my pregnancy, I really felt that we should go to the funeral. I knew my doctor would say no to the trip so I didn't bother asking. We hurried and packed everything we thought we might need just in case I were to have the baby in Boise and we were on our way! That same day we found out that Will's grandma Star (his dad's mom) was in the hospital (also in Boise) and was getting close to passing away. Will got to go see her and she passed away just 3 days after his grandpa did. It was a whirlwind of a week with Grandpa Jim's funeral on Wednesday and Grandma Star's funeral on Saturday, but it was so nice to be able to attend both funerals and to be able to spend time with all of Will's cousins and other relatives that were there. It was like attending two family reunions in one week. We got to hang out and play games with the Will's cousins and one day we went to the Boise Zoo with Will's little brothers.

Lexi and her cousin Tren

Tren, Aunt Kim, Bailey, Cooper and Ryann

family picture... somehow we missed Erin:(

Probably our last family picture before our family grows one more!

Our trip to the zoo was a blast!

Lexi and Daddy on the Carousel

The penguins were definitely the best part!




Lexi was pretty fascinated... wouldn't crack a smile!

And we had to have a little photo shoot back at the house...

9 days and counting!

Reality is finally setting in! I think I've been in denial most of my pregnancy that I'm actually having another baby! I'm surprised to find that I feel less prepared for this one than with our first. Now that I'm nearing the end I'm starting to feel more and more excited to meet our new daughter, more aware of how miserable pregnancy is making me, and more anxious about how I'm going to handle having 2 kids! This pregnancy has seemed to fly by so much quicker than my first. I felt very lucky to have had 2 awesome pregnancies where I haven't gotten sick. The second time around has been a little more uncomfortable than the first... a little more back pain, a little bit of heartburn, and a lot more cramping. But still, I can't complain! (My husband would probably tell you that I DO complain:)) This baby has definitely been a lot more active than Lexi was. I remember when I was pregnant with Lexi I would poke and prod at her all the time to make sure she was moving. This next little girl kicks at me so much I find myself wishing she would quit... hopefully not a sign of things to come:)

Here is me at 37 weeks...

Wish me luck!

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