Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will's Mother's Day Birthday!

Will's B-day happened to be on Mother's Day this year! He turned 31. It seems strange to me because I can clearly remember my dad's 30th birthday party. We celebrated on Saturday with Will taking the day off. We left both the girls for an hour while we went and played some tennis then we went to lunch at Costa Vida. It was a fun day.

Sunday was a relaxing day. I made Will his favorite cinnamon rolls for breakfast, than after church we had Phil and Sandi over for Hawaiian meatballs. Sandi made Will red velvet cupcakes that were to die for. Phil and Sandi got Will PORTAL 2 for Xbox360 and I arranged for him to go up in a powered parachute later this month! Lexi LOVES to blow out candles, so she was pretty excited to help daddy with that.

The girls all ready for church in their pretty dresses...

I can't believe my baby is 6 weeks already

Even though it was Will's B-day he still got me a really thoughtful card and some chocolates for Mother's Day!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother to two wonderful little girls! It isn't always easy, but definitely worth it! I am also grateful for my own mom and the amazing woman she is for raising me! I hope I can one day be as good of a mom as she is to me. I love her and she is my best friend. I wouldn't have survived the first few weeks after Paisley was born if she hadn't sacrificed her time to come to Logan and be my full time servant. Thanks Mom! Your the best!
Not to mention the funnest Grandma around!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paisley's Blessing Day

Will gave Paisley a wonderful blessing at church today! She looked so beautiful in her little white dress. It's the same one that Lexi wore on her blessing day that my mom had made and the same white blanket from Grammy Sandi. She was perfect and slept the whole time! Papa Phil, Grandpa Doug, Uncle Wayne, and Uncle Jackson were all able to participate in the blessing. Grandpa Doug, Laurie and Uncle Max, Heath and Connor drove all the way from Boise to be here.

We had a really good, but sad testimony meeting. One girl in my ward got up that was due the same time as me that had her baby emergency c-section and her baby had a really rough start. Another girl can't conceive and has been trying to adopt forever without any luck and another girl was pregnant, but told about how they had lost their first baby. It doesn't seem fair how some people have it so much harder than others. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us and we are all given different trials at different times in our lives that are meant to help us grow. It just really made me appreciate how blessed I am to be the mother of two healthy beautiful girls that came into this world without any complications.

Here are some pictures we got after...

Lexi doesn't like to cooperate for pictures anymore so this is the best family picture we could get!

the proud parents...


Grammy, Papa and Hailee

Aunt Hailee

Uncle Jackson

Grandpa Doug

After we got back to the house, I asked Lexi to come sit on the couch and hold Paisley for some pictures. She adamantly refused so I said "If you hold Paisley I will give you some money!" She said "Ok!"

Beautiful Girl...

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