Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lexi's Birthday.... better late than never?

I thought that since its been almost 2 months since Lexi's birthday I had better finally post about it! Man am I terrible! Lexi's Birthday was on February 8th, but we had a little Birthday party on the 15th for her because she was sick on her birthday! Lexi and I had recently returned from Cda right after her birthday where Lexi and I had both been sick the entire time! We were worried for a few days that she might have had whooping cough but luckily the test came back negative. This has definitely been a sick kind of month with Will and Lexi and I being sick off and on a lot. We are finally all feeling better and can't wait for this nasty Logan weather to improve. In the last week the snow has finally started to melt away and I think we may be seeing the first little glimpses of spring!

On the way home from Cda we were able to stop in Boise and celebrate Lexi's Birthday with Grandpa Doug, Grandma Laurie, and Uncles Max, Heath, and Conner! We also got to hang out with Great Grandma and Grandma Dodd, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kim, Trenn, Ryann, Bailey, and Cooper! We are so lucky to have so much family to love!

For Lexi's party I stuck to the tradition my mom started with having a lady bug cake. I made some little miniature ones for Lexi and her friends to have. They turned out pretty cute if I can say so myself!

Lexi LOVED her cake! It was so funny! She took her time at first, picking all the little candies off and then sticking her fingers in the frosting and licking it a little here and there and then all the sudden out of no-where she just let out a growl and dug her entire fists into the cake until the entire thing was demolished!

Lexi in her adorable apron that Sammy made for her!

Lexi and Claire opening up the farmhouse that the Dodds gave her, so cute!

We were sad that none of Lexi's grandparents could be there, but we still had a lot of fun with the family that came. The guest list included Uncle Wayne, Aunt Shelley, Hillary, Austin, Brandon, Sammy and Mike, Claire, Noble, and our neighbors Patti, Dallin, Zeelee, and Emma Joe.

Thanks everyone for the awesome gifts! Lexi got a big stuffed dog from Mommy and Daddy, a Little People Barnyard from the Dodds which she loves! Also Sammy sewed some adorable matching aprons for Lexi and I to cook together in, as well as a nursery rhyme book and CD from the Holmes.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of Lexi with two of her favorite people, Toby and my Grandpa Simon.... Lexi's great-grandpa!

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