Friday, April 13, 2012

Paisley's First Birthday!

Our Crazy Paisley Turned One on March 29th! I can't believe how quickly the last year has flown by. We are so happy she is part of our family and can't imagine life without her!

Paisley at a glance:
*is super mellow and quiet compared to her sister, but can get really feisty when there is something she wants
*loves following her sister Lexi around the house and playing with her
*wants to be right in on the action of everything that's going on
*loves to eat, although she's starting to get a little picky
*Is still an awesome sleeper (12 hours a night!)
*Isn't walking quite yet, but has started taking steps
*loves giving kisses
*is definitely a Mama's girl, but gets really excited when her daddy's around

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