Sunday, August 16, 2009

Logan at last!

Well, we finally made the big move down to Logan, Utah! It's been just a little crazy so that's my excuse for not keeping up on our blog. We were able to find a nice townhouse to rent right away so that has been nice to have our own place again.We went to church in our new ward today and we loved it. There were a lot of really friendly people and a lot of younger couples that we could make friends with.
Lexi turned 6 months and her personality is really starting to come out! She is really hyper and wiggly and always smiling, laughing, or making some new strange noise. Today I put her in this blow up rubber ducky bath that she can sit up in by herself and it was sooo funny. She got so excited just kicking and splashing around. She kept trying to pick up the bubbles and when she realized she couldn't she leaned forward and tried to eat them and then would come up with a face full of bubbles!

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