Monday, June 1, 2009

May Update

I just finally was able to load all my pictures onto my computer from the last month so here it goes! I have a lot to tell you....


#1... Sleeping in her own room!

A few weeks ago the room across the hall became available for us to put Lexi in. My first thought was hooray! because I wouldn't have to get woken up by every little noise she made. So I dragged her pack n play across the hall. Only later that night I sort of had an emotional breakdown at the thought of having my baby be that far away. So I ended up dragging her back into our room again for one more night. I have now gotten over my separation issues and Lexi now sleeps a consistent 9 hours a night in the other room. Yes... I know... I am one of the lucky ones. I no longer find myself wondering if Lexi is going to wake me up in the middle of the night. She also is a great napper throughout the day. In the morning we will usually hear her sort of whining and when we go in to get her she just looks up and smiles really big. It cracks me up every time because she is always so happy to see us when she wakes up, but then as soon as we pick her up she starts breathing a little faster and whining as if she's saying "If you don't feed me right this second I'm going to starve to death!" Such a drama queen already.

#2... Little Drama Queen

As I previously mentioned Lexi is starting to act a little bit dramatic. It is so funny. Just like the "feed me before I starve" when she needs something she will let you know... loudly. I've noticed that she no longer has that newborn sort of cry. She has turned into a little whiner more than anything. When she wants something she will just sort of yell and then if she gets really mad she will SCREAM. And she can be pretty loud. Sometimes we will be sitting there and she will be completely fine and quiet and then the next second be screaming hysterically at the top of her lungs. People will look at me like "What are you doing to that baby?" I don't mean for this to sound like she's not a good baby because she really is quite pleasant. It's just when she wants something she will let you know... loudly. The other thing she started doing recently is the lip quiver. I swear Lexi could win the contest for cutest pouty face. A few times recently we have handed her to friends or relatives who have wanted to hold her. They will be holding her close and smiling at her. Lexi would just stare back with wide eyes wondering who is holding her and then all the sudden her bottom lip will start quivering and she will make the saddest looking face. We usually take her back right away and she will calm down. I think she is starting to recognize when she is not with mom and dad.

#3... Wow... look at these! (hands)

This is one of those things that I think most mom's get super excited about when their baby does it, but to everyone else it seems like no big deal. Last Tuesday Lexi grabbed one of her toys for the first time and but it in her mouth. I was so excited that I went to Fred Meyer and bought her all of these links to hang in her car seat so that she could have something to grab on to.

#4 Giggling

Lexi has been smiling now for quite awhile and has been on the verge of giggling for quite some time. We've been getting her to coo and smile and sort of squawk even, but Ive been trying everything to get her to actually giggle. So on Friday I took Lexi with me to Macy's to do a little shopping. It always takes a lot out of me to haul her around while shopping and trying on clothes so when we were all finished and back to the car, I set her in her car seat and just sat next to her in the back of the car to rest for a sec. I took a deep breath and sort of blew air at her. And to my amazement she started giggling at me! I wasn't even trying to make her smile! So I preceded to take deep breaths and blow on her face for the next 5 minutes to make her giggle until she wouldn't anymore. Since then I've only made her giggle one other time. It was last night after I was exhausted and just sitting there talking to her. Once again I wasn't really trying to make her laugh and she started up again! Silly girl!

#5... Lexi's first wedding!

On May 9th we were able to attend the sealing of Will's best friend Sam Abrahms to Will's cousin Angie Dodd. So now Will is officially related to his best friend. Pretty cool. It was a really neat ceremony and it was nice to be able to visit with all of Will's extended family. The reception was beautiful and a lot of fun too. Grammy Sandi and Will were able to show off Lexi to all of there old friends from Spokane. I was kind of boycotting bringing my camera along that day ... sadly.... hopefully I can get some pictures from someone else that was there. Congratulations Sam and Angie!

#6... Lexi's first cold):

Unfortunately after being passed around all weekend at the wedding, Lexi ended up sick just a few days later. I think we were pretty fortunate to have made it 3 months before she caught anything. She actually handled the cold very well... we didn't have to take her in to the doctor thankfully... but I am definitely more careful now! Sorry if I am a little bit paranoid about people washing their hands!


Okay, so this wasn't actually Lexi's first time hiking, but it was the first time we went hiking with Will's friend Hiro. Hiroki is Will's friend from Japan that he went to high school with. He came all the way over for Sam and Angie's wedding. The next day which was actually Mother's Day, we got to hang out with him before he flew home the next day. It was the most beautiful day for a hike. Lexi loved it. She was so funny. She kept leaning herself way back so that she could stare at all the trees. She was completely mesmerized by them.


Trudy Dodd said...

Lexi, Bob and I both caught a cold right after the wedding. I don't even remember holding Lexi that week-end... Must have just been a family cold....

Brynne said...

How cute! I love all of the firsts!! Fun you guys go hiking together. That's awesome.

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