Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lexi's First Trip

We were really excited that Lexi decided to come on time so that we could make a trip to Boise for Sadie's State Basketball Tournament. Her team did amazing and ended up winning the championship against a really good Boise team. It was really fun to watch.. Congratulations Sadie! While we were down there we were able to visit with a lot of Will's family... it was neat for everyone to get to see Lexi while she was so little! She is growing so fast allready as well as developing more of a personality everyday! I'm sad to report that my camera his broken and it may be a while before we get it fixed so I am hoping to borrow my moms so that we don't miss out on all of Lexi's little stages.

Way to go Sadie!
Daddy and Mommy
Uncles... Connor, Max and Heath
Grandpa Doug and Grandma Laurie

Auntie Hailee

Auntie Erin

Great Grandma Jodi & Great Grandpa Jim
Cousins Cooper, Ryann, Tren, and Bailey


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Josh and Hannah said...

Oh Jessy- she is so adorable! I love the headband with the flower- way cute! Also- I got your text- I will let you know when I get my April schedule...also there is only 30 days in April so is it the 30th and the 1st? Congrats to Sadie!

Madi said...

I'm so jealous, I want to see her!

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