Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun Times in CDA!

Lexi and I have had a great couple of weeks in CDA... here are a few of the highlights...

Lexi had so much fun playing with Grandma... She even made this really cute Halloween outfit for her! Isn't it cute?

She also had fun with Grandpa... snuggle, snuggle!

I tried to feed her some peaches... as usual I think more of it ended up all over her than in her stomach!

We had a fun time hanging out with my friend Shawnte and her baby Vance!

Lexi and Brookie were so cute together! I think they are finally at the age where they can start playing!

The best part was putting them in the bath together. They had so much fun! At one point Lexi kept looking at Brookie and just kept cracking up.

Probably one of my favorite things this trip has been watching Lexi interact with our golden retriever Toby. She isn't one bit afraid and seems quite fascinated by him. Here is a cute video...

Here is another little clip I thought was funny. Abbey put on the song Poker Face and she just started rocking out to the beat!

We got to go to Greenbluff and look at the goats and pumpkins!

Overall I'd have to say we had a great visit! Now we are ready to go home to Logan! We miss Daddy SO MUCH!

Chubby Cheeks

I've just been thinking the last few days... I can't believe how big Lexi is getting. I feel like one moment she was this tiny newborn baby and now all of the sudden she is this huge baby that crawls everywhere and gets into everything! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this stage! Lexi is so cute and funny right now. She is finally starting to get a little chubby and its especially showing in her little cheeks. She makes the funniest facial expressions and she will squish her cheeks up in the cutest ways. She is just growing up so fast, I wish she would slow down just a tiny bit. I know she will be walking before Will and I know it!

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