Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Animal Days

Baby Animal Days was a blast this year! Thank You Jackson for coming with us! The weather was great and Lexi was definitely in baby animal heaven! The best part was the baby rabbits for sure.

I have to mention that this was our second time to baby animals this year although our first attempt at it was a complete and utter disaster. Looking back, I'm not sure what I was thinking! Paisley was only 10 days old, hence I was still pretty sore and could hardly walk, and there was rain and snow in the forecast. For some reason I was determined that we go while my mom and Lexi's cousin Brookie were still in town. We lasted just under an hour and ended up soaking wet and freezing with two bawling toddlers that didn't even get to hold a baby animal. I think the only part that was fun or cute about that experience was when Lexi went in the baby cow pen and said "Hi Cow! What's your name?"

I am sooo glad we went back a second time! It was worth it to see the excitement on Lexi's face!

Paisley 4 weeks

My little baby is growing to fast already! Someone make it stop! This last month has just flown by!

I have been blessed tremendously this time around to have such an easy baby! She never cries unless she's hungry! She is so sweet and we already can't imagine life with out her!

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