Sunday, March 15, 2009

pretty as a princess.... 5 weeks old!

We finally got the two little cousins together for some pictures! Zack and Lizzie's baby Brooklyn Elizabeth is almost exactly a month younger than Lexi! It makes us sad how fast she is growing. We hadn't realized how fast exactly until we put her next to Brooklyn. I am so excited for her to have a girl cousin the same age! I hope they get along!(:


Teri said...

Jess the baby is adorable... makes me sad that we are not in the same ward anymore and haven't been able to sing together, anyways your pictures are beautiful. Melanie and the girls ( Maddy and Kylah) moved to Hawaii so I have no one to take pictures of anymore... I am really bummed about that! But I just have to find other things I guess. I am going to check out your photography site. Take Care. Love Teri

Trudy Dodd said...

Jess she is so adorable... We were so happy to be apart of her blessing. Wish we could be around her more.. Enjoy this wonderful time of your life, they grow up so fast. We Love you

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