Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July!

The fourth was fun... Will had to work, so I slept in and then went and hung out with my siblings at the park. Then we went home and barbequed at my parents before heading downtown for the fireworks! Will was not looking forward to the post-firework traffic jams so I had to prove to him that we could get out of there fast. I went and left my car down there earlier in the day. I think we set a record by getting home ten minutes after the show ended. Lexi wasn't too happy about the fireworks. It was WAY past her bedtime so she was really tired. She fell asleep and then the fireworks woke her up of course. She would sit there staring at them wide eyed. Then a really big one would go off and all you would hear was oooh! awe! with a wailing baby in the background. We got some pretty cute pictures at the park too!

Cousin Power!
Lexi, surprisingly happy for being in the carseat.

Lexi and Brookie... so cute

Austin and his Brookie


Well... we had a fun, hot, sweaty weekend as always at the annual Hoopfest tournament in downtown Spokane. It was a blast watching Will, Zack, Jackson, Dad, and Carson play on their different teams. Also, Will's friend Tom Perks played in the Elite division so we got to catch a few of his games. Carson's team actually got to the championship and won! Way to go Car! Lexi actually handled the heat pretty well. I brought an umbrella to keep her shaded so she wouldn't get burned... in fact I was so focused on keeping her out of the sun, that I forgot to take care of Will and I. We both fried pretty bad. Oh well! Here are a few action shots...

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