Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter Time

 This year Easter weekend was a blast! We were lucky enough this year to have my family come down to Logan and spend it with us. What made it even more fun was that Baby Animal Days was going on. Even though it was pretty crowded we still managed to have a good time and the weather was beautiful! Here are some of my favorite picures:

Here is Lexi looking on as a Mommy horse nurses it's baby.

Happy Brookie

It was worth the wait in line to ride the ponies!

We passed on the train ride since the line was ridiculously long, but the kids had fun watching the train go by still.

I love this picture of Austin, especially his hair.

Lexi loves her Uncle Carson

Cute cousins

Baby Bunnies

Brookie and Paisley with Grandma

So excited!

Baby Chick

Pucker up!      

Easter Sunday was a lot of fun! Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the kids with their baskets though! I was so proud of myself this year because I made the girls Easter dresses myself! I thought they turned out great considering that I'm a terrible sewer. After church I convinced Abbey to come along and take some family pictures for us. She did an awesome job! Our girls are both spazzes and won't sit still for more than two seconds so these were the best we could do:


After church we headed down to Lehi to visit my grandparents and have Easter dinner.

4 generations
Abbey and Paisley

Crazy Paisley... I'm starting to realize that Paisley has her mouth wide open in every picture! I guess that's Payze for ya:)

Here are a few pictures I took of the girls at the park on another day that I thought were cute!

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