Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boise Trip

A couple of weeks ago we got the sad news that Will's grandpa Jim (his mom's dad) had passed away. He was an amazing grandpa and I was so glad for the chance i had to know him. He always made me feel so special and a part of the family. Although its a hard time for Will to leave the Car Wash and I only had 3 weeks left in my pregnancy, I really felt that we should go to the funeral. I knew my doctor would say no to the trip so I didn't bother asking. We hurried and packed everything we thought we might need just in case I were to have the baby in Boise and we were on our way! That same day we found out that Will's grandma Star (his dad's mom) was in the hospital (also in Boise) and was getting close to passing away. Will got to go see her and she passed away just 3 days after his grandpa did. It was a whirlwind of a week with Grandpa Jim's funeral on Wednesday and Grandma Star's funeral on Saturday, but it was so nice to be able to attend both funerals and to be able to spend time with all of Will's cousins and other relatives that were there. It was like attending two family reunions in one week. We got to hang out and play games with the Will's cousins and one day we went to the Boise Zoo with Will's little brothers.

Lexi and her cousin Tren

Tren, Aunt Kim, Bailey, Cooper and Ryann

family picture... somehow we missed Erin:(

Probably our last family picture before our family grows one more!

Our trip to the zoo was a blast!

Lexi and Daddy on the Carousel

The penguins were definitely the best part!




Lexi was pretty fascinated... wouldn't crack a smile!

And we had to have a little photo shoot back at the house...


Corinne and Jason Ritz said...

Wow, how sad, but really amazing that they both passed away and you got to be there and see both sides of Will's family in one week! Based on my own experience, I think you will never regret going, and you will be always grateful! And how awesome for Lexi to get to hang out with cousins and uncles and aunts! She is SOOOOOOO cute!!!

Brynne said...

Looks like a fun (and sad) trip. At least you got to do some fun things while you were there. Sorry about Will's gpa. :/

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