Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love fall!

\I really do love it. I love when the leaves start to change colors. I love putting on a cozy sweater and being outside in the crisp clean air. Its cool enough to wear a jacket, but you can still take your kids to the park and not freeze. I just wish it would last longer... Fall always seems to come and go too quickly... I will just have to enjoy it while it lasts I guess. We've had a pretty enjoyable fall so far. I can't believe its November already! I can't seem to keep up! Anyways... here is a little of what we've been up to...

In September I got to go visit my family in Cda. While we were there we made our annual trip up to Greenbluff, which is a bunch of farms up in north Spokane. It was fun... My Mom, Abbey, and I took Austin, Brookie, and Lexi and we actually went out in the orchard for the first time to pick apples. It was a great time!

Here is Lexi with an apple! This was more fun for her than I thought. One thing thats kind of funny about Lexi is she learned how to say apple a while ago and now she calls everything from pumpkins, to peaches, to grapes..... apples.

I couldn't resist the scrunchy nose picture! I love it!

And Brookies scrunchy, eyes squished shut picture... so cute

Here's grandma with all 3 grandkids

Cute cousins...

Another cute picture with aunt Abbey

We decided to drive out to Heritage farms one day so Lexi could see some horses. Anytime we see a horse while driving around she starts saying "nay!nay", then "bye, bye horsees!"

In October we went on a little trip down to Vegas with Phil and Sandi.
Here we are at the MGM outside the lion exhibit.

Lexi trying to get a better look at the lions.

After Vegas we drove down to Fontana, Ca so that Will and Phil could do the Nascar Racing Experience that Phil had won. Here they are all suited up, waiting for their name to get called. Sadly, they never got their chance. A bunch of people before them were there to drive Indy cars. They put the first group of people out on the track driving Indy cars and not too long into it we heard that someone had crashed their car on the opposite side of the track. They said they needed to do an investigation and that we would have to wait for awhile. We waited around all day to see if they could get a chance, but they finally told us that nobody else would be racing that day... but wouldn't tell us any details on the crash.The boys were a little bummed we drove all that way, but understood later when we read in the news that the young woman that crashed the car had died. It was really sad and shocking to hear.

I guess you could say the highlight of Fontana was taking Lexi to swim in the pool at our hotel. Grandma Sandi had gotten Lexi one of those suits with the built in floaty part. Then we went to Target and got just about everything else you can think of for Lexi to be all decked out in swim gear.

She thought it was really fun for a second...

Then she got pretty mad that we made her put on those goggles...
When we got down to the pool she had a blast, especially when she realized she could pretty much float in the pool all by herself..

The weekend before Halloween Sammy and Mike came up with Claire and Noble and stayed with us for a night. We decided to go check out the pumpkin walk. It was pretty neat!

Lexi and Claire

All of us together, ready to head home...


We were excited this last weekend to take Lexi Trick or Treating for her first time! We decided to go with Papa Phil to his ward's Trunk or Treat.

We forgot Lexi's bucket, so we borrowed one of Grammy's bags for Lexi to use. At first, Lexi wasn't sure what was going on, but about 5 cars into it all the sudden the light bulb switched on and Lexi just took off running back and forth to random cars holding her bag up to people for candy. It was pretty funny, she wouldn't say anything though... she would just hold her bag out and stare.

Hope everyone else had fun this Halloween!

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