Sunday, February 19, 2012

All about Lexi

I was so overwhelmed with my last post just catching up with months of pictures I didn't take the time to share anything about my girls. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I was able to take Lexi to the park and just let her play to her hearts content. It's funny how badly she wants me to follow her around and play with her throughout the park even when there are tons of other kids around.

Here are a few pictures I got while we were there...

Paisley slept the entire time...

I feel like Lexi is growing up so fast. She is becoming so independent and smart. She will say things sometimes that completely catch me off guard. She's super sassy at times, a complete terror at others and sometimes she is so incredibly sweet that I can't get enough of her.
She loves her little sister Paisley so much it melts my heart.
She is always watching out for her and hugging and kissing her. I am loving seeing their relationship develop as Paisley is getting old enough to start following Lexi around the house and sort of play with her. Nobody can make Paisley laugh the way Lexi can. I hope they can grow up together and remain good friends.
Lexi loves to sing and is always making up new songs about pretty much anything. She especially loves to sing at the top of her lungs in the middle of the grocery store, but when asked to sing a song for someone will become extremely shy and not perform.
She really likes to count things. Recently she wouldn't clean up a mess she made and I was finally able to coerce her to do it by telling her to count each thing as she picked them up. She can even count in Spanish, thanks to Dora. She is constantly using words like "ayudame!" and "say abre! aaabreee!"(or she won't let me pass) "gracias!" and "de nada".
Some of my favorite things she's said recently are "Mom your so cute!" and last weekend when Hailee came to visit and brought her friend from college she said "Lexi, this is my friend Janessa." Lexi, really seriously turned and motioned toward me and said, "this is my friend, mom." The other day Lexi and Paisley were playing in Lexi's room and I came and got Paisley because she was starting to fuss and Lexi started yelling, "Bring me back that baby!"
Another important thing to know about Lexi is that she is really into the color pink. All the time she will come up to me with two different toys, one will always be pink and the other some different color and ask me "which one do you want?" If I say I want the pink one, she will just say "no!!! you want this one! and hand me the other one to play with so she can have the PINK one. For Christmas, all she ever asked for was a pink present and for her birthday she wanted a pink cupcake. A few days ago we were at the grocery store near the aisle where they had just set up all of the Easter stuff, and I said, "oh, its almost time for Easter!" Her eyes lit up and she asked, "the Easter Bunny mommy?" I said "Ya, the Easter Bunny! What do you want the Easter Bunny to bring you?" She thought about it for a second and then very decidedly said "chips! pink chips!" I'm not sure if pink chips exist, but if they do I'm sure there will be some in her Easter Basket!
Although she can be a handful at times, we love our little Lexi to death! I'm just trying to enjoy all of her 3 year old sweetness before it's gone and trying not to freak out to much or let it ruin my life when she spreads my makeup all over the bathroom or colors on the computer screen!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as as I did writing it:)


Corinne Ritz said...

OH so sweet! What a way to combat the morning you had with Lexi!

Mikelle and Nate said...

Love this whole post! Thanks for sharing it! Miss you guys!

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