Monday, November 5, 2012


 Halloween this year was so much fun! The weekend before Halloween my brother Jackson and his girlfriend Brittany came for a visit! We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and carving pumpkins!

Lexi decided she wanted a Hello Kitty Pumpkin!
Don't let this picture fool you, Lexi did not enjoy this

It takes a lot of concentration to carve a pumpkin!
Aunty Erin...
Brittany, Uncle Jackson, and Lexi
Papa Kisses
 The same night Jackson and Brittany were here Sandi and Phil were nice enough to babysit so we could go out on a double date. Everyone had different ideas of what to do so we finally ended up doing rock paper scissors and I won! I chose for us to do Haunted Mini Golf. It was actually really fun! The decorations were really elaborate. At the first hole there was this life size Grimm Reaper thing. I was standing right next to it and leaned in close, commenting on how real it looked and right then it lunged and scared the crap out of me! Needless to say we were all on our guard the rest of the time. Afterward they had this Halloween museum we went into with really scary life-size zombies, creatures, and creepy clowns. Our guide had made most of them himself and it was fun listening to him tell about each one and see how passionate he was about it! 

Of course we had to do a little photoshoot before our date!

 On Halloween Day Lexi had preschool and got to wear her costume to school. If you can't tell, she was a purple butterfly this year!

Here she is with her friend Elsie!

All of the parents got to come for the last half hour and watch their Halloween Parade, they were all so cute! At the end of their parade she had them all stand up in a line and said they were going to sing a few songs for us. I hurried and cued up my video camera and as soon as they started their song, Lexi's lip started quivering and she just slowly started walking toward me bawling her eyes out! Silly girl!

 Later that afternoon I took the girls to a Halloween Carnival. It was pretty fun!
Paisley was pretty happy about her balloon animal.


And Lexi got to paint a little pumpkin!

 Later on we met over at Grammy and Papa's house for sloppy joe's and root beer before heading out to trick or treat!

Here is Paisley's in her matching costume...

 First we went trick or treating for a little bit in Grammy and Papa's neighborhood. This was Paisley's first year trick or treating and I could not believe how into it she got! She was so stubborn, wouldn't let go of her bucket, wouldn't let anyone hold her hand or carry her. She had to walk by herself the entire time and went up to every single door with Lexi. She kept cracking us up. Everytime the door would open she would just start jabbering a million miles an hour to the person at the door in her own little language. And a few times she actually managed to squeeze past and run into peoples houses! Lexi of course was already a pro this year! After Grammy and Papa's neighborhood we went home for a little bit before Lexi wanted to go out again. Paisley fell asleep in the stroller after that while Lexi went for another hour and a half straight walking the whole time! She was so cute yelling Trick or Treat! and then calling out Happy Halloween! over her shoulder as she ran off. Part-way through I made sure she added Thank You! and then after each house she left she would run back to me and say "I said Thank You! Did you hear?" She can be a little sweetie sometimes!


Corinne Ritz said...

fun fun fun!!!!!

Brynne said...

Your girls' costumes are so girl and cute! How fun to have grandparents and aunts and uncles nearby, too. :) Jackson's girl-friend (or whatever) is a cutie. Glad you enjoyed it.

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