Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Update

I got so behind on blogging that the thought of ever trying to catch up was becoming pretty overwhelming... so I decided to just start where we are at right now! Our kids are growing and changing so much and so is our little family! As most of you should know by now we are expecting another BABY GIRL the beginning of October!

We got some pretty amazing headshots of her at our ultrasound! Isn't she cute?

So far my pregnancy has been pretty much the same as the first two with slight differences. As with the first two I've been lucky enough not to get any morning sickness. My first trimester was a lot harder this time because I was WAY more lethargic. Every day I couldn't get out of bed, could easily take a 2-3 hour nap and then still go to bed early at night. Luckily I'm past that now and have been feeling a lot more energy. It's funny how even though this is my third go around this pregnancy has seemed a lot less real this time. Maybe it's because I'm a lot more distracted, but there were several times that I kept thinking, "I'm not really having another baby am I?" But now that I've had the ultrasound and I've started to feel her kicking I'm starting to get excited and think about it all the time! I'm already anxious to get out my newborn clothes and start preparing for her arrival. She's going to be born a different time of year than Lexi and Paisley so I get to buy some new newborn clothes which I am excited to get to do! One other interesting difference this pregnancy is I am craving completely different things. My first two I could eat all the juicy hamburgers on the planet, but the thought of anything remotely like that just makes me queasy this time! I'm happy eating a whole watermelon everyday this time!

Paisley or Payz as we tend to call her has just seemed to grow up overnight! She is no longer our easy going little baby! She has transformed into a non-stop talking bundle of fun and energy! She turned 2 on March 29th. She is becoming such a smart little thing. She talks non-stop, sometimes it sounds like jibberish and then she will say a whole sentence so perfectly out of nowhere! She can count to ten and sing her abc's quite perfectly. She loves her older sister Lexi and is always trying her best to keep up with her. She has a mind of her own and can be quite determined when she knows what she wants. One thing I love about Paisley is she is always so caring and loving. Whenever we go somewhere like the park she is constantly checking in to see where I'm at and stopping to give me loves (complete opposite of Lexi). She's always concerned if someone gets hurt and always apologizing even when she doesn't need to. For example I will accidentally bump into her and say "Sorry Payz! Are you Ok?" And she will say, "Sorry Mommy! I Ok!"  She is also always eager to help me with anything I need! She loves to fetch things for me and is always eager to put things away in their proper place. I love this little girl so much and can't imagine life without her!

       Lexi or Lex  is so getting to be so grown up! She turned 4 February 8. I can't believe I already have a a 4 year old! It makes me sad to see her growing up so fast, but at the same time I am really enjoying this stage of her life! She still calls some things the wrong thing (elevator is alligator for instance), but she is old enough that I can have some real conversations with her. She is my best friend most of the time! She still has the free-spirited, adventurous personality she did when she was little. At times it can be a little scary when she decides to just go on a scooter ride all the way around the block by herself or just go hang out at the neighbors without telling me, but I just love how unafraid she is to get out there. I hope that never changes. Whenever we go to the park she has no problem going up to whichever random kids are there and ask them to play with her. She is so fun and outgoing, I wish I was more like that!
      She is also a such a good sister to Paisley. She is so sweet to her and plays with her and will defend her if anyone is picking on her! It has been so much fun this pregnancy to have Lexi be more aware of what's going on. I have so many funny stories to share about my conversations with her....

*When I first asked Lexi if we should have another baby she asked, "But what about Paisley?" I said, "Well, we will keep Paisley too!" She said, "We get to keep Paisley AND have a new baby? Yay!"

*About a week later I told her that we decided we were going to have another baby. She said, "But Mom? How are we going to get the baby in your tummy?" I said, "It's already in my tummy!" She just said, "It is? Yay! Yay! Yay!"

*My favorite conversations have been about what to name the baby. I asked her if she had any ideas (this is before we knew it was a girl) She said, "How about Violet?" I was quite shocked that she came up with a normal cute name! I told her we would consider it. But I couldn't stop laughing when a few minutes later she said, "Or I really like the name Electric!" Her top names to date are Violet, Electric, Sparkle and Jewel. I kept asking, well what if its a boy? The only names she ever came up with for that were Grumpy Boy, Handsome or Handsome Violet.

*The day of my ultrasound (which we decided to take Lexi to), I was telling Lexi that if it turned out to be a boy we couldn't be sad, that we were going to be happy anyways. She told me, "But Mom! I don't want it to be a boy because it will grow up to be a fighter!" When we went to the ultrasound and they said it was a girl she was ecstatic! She got exactly what she hoped for!

*A few weeks ago I was putting Lexi to bed and she asked me, "Mom, how is the baby going to come out of your tummy? Do you just poop and poop and then the baby comes out?" I told her "Not exactly...." and then I decided to just tell her exactly what happens. When I was just finished she just put her hand over her face and said, "Mom! That is sooooo gross! I like the tummy part, but not that part." I couldn't stop laughing!

     I just love how curious Lexi is and how excited she is for the baby to arrive. Every time I have to go to the doctor she thinks that its time for the baby to come out. She keeps asking me if she can watch it come out when its time! I haven't decided on that one yet!  She loves to kiss and hug my belly all the time. I can't wait for her to meet her new sister!

As for Will and I we are doing well! Will just finished up another semester of school and we are excited to have him back to ourselves for the summer! I am diving back into photography and loving it! You can check out my latest on my blog . Here's to a great summer ahead of us! We hope everyone else out there is happy and well!


Trudy Dodd said...

Love your sweet family!!!!

Abbey said...

Jessy! Your blog is so stinking cute! That ultrasound picture is amazing! I cant wait to meet her! Love ya,

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