Saturday, June 5, 2010

A lot has happened.....

Well, the last few months have flown by in a whirlwind! First off, for anyone that doesn't know just bought a house! We are so excited! After looking at pretty much everything in our price range and not finding anything we liked, we finally came across this house that was a for sale by owner. It was just the right price and it had all of the things we wanted in our first home..... a garage, fenced in yard and enough room for our family to grow. It was built in the 50's so its a little out-dated but I am excited at the idea of painting and fixing it up the way I like it. It definitely has a lot of potential. One thing I love is the fact that there is hardwood under the carpet that I would like to refinish eventually. I think the thing that Will and I and especially Lexi are the most excited about is our backyard. Its small, but its quiet and its so nice to be able to go back there and just relax and let Lexi roam around. The other bonus is our cute little garden! We moved in just in time to get it planted. Of course I have never gardened before and didn't have a clue how to get started. Lucky for me, our neighbor came over and helped me get it tilled and planted! I am so excited! I planted peas, carrots, beans, onions, lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, zucchini, corn, and strawberries! Let's just hope it all comes up okay! Part of me doesn't think it could actually work, how could it be that easy?

Here is my garden!

Here's Lexi playing on our back patio!

Now for an update on Lexi! Everyday she is looking more and more like a little girl and less like my little baby! What happened??? This is all happening way too fast!!! She is just full of personality and is super smart. I can just tell that she is thinking about everything around her trying to figure out how everything works. I know she is frustrated sometimes that she can't talk and communicate things to us sometimes, although her vocabulary has expanded a little bit. She now says mama, mommy, da da, me me(hold me), hi, bye bye, bee (bird), keys, puppa, ba (ball), ba ba (bottle), ba balloon, ba (bath), ba pa (grandpa), cacka (cracker), num num (food), and uh oh. Animal sounds.... woof woof, moo, ooh ooh ahh ahh, ooooooh!(elephant), roar...... and she knows a lot of different signs.... more, shoes, car, eat, please, drink, milk, bird, cat, dog, fish, airplane. She also can point to all of her body parts and she folds her arms, gives hugs and kisses, and loves to dance, climb on things and walk up and down stairs. Phew! Sorry to bore anyone that's reading this! I just wanted to document all of this since I don't keep a baby book at the moment!

Lexi's most recent word has been "uh oh", she loves to drop or throw things on the ground and then say "uh oh". Its hard to get mad when she throws food all over the kitchen floor and then looks up at me with her cute little face and says "uh oh"!

The other thing that gets old, but I still think is so cute is how much she all the sudden loves the bath. Anytime she sees the bath she starts whining to get in and starts pulling to take her clothes off. I just realized that she was big enough to climb in on her own the other day when I was in the bath and she proceeded to climb into the tub with me fully clothed.

Lexi is fascinated by all kinds of animals, but most especially dogs and birds. Whenever we are outside if she sees one of them she will scream "puppa" and pat her leg or "bee" and do the sign for bird. It is so cute! Now that we have a fenced in yard I am just dying for us to get our own dog. It won't be long!

Last but not least Lexi finally got her first tooth at 15months! I was starting to wonder if this day would ever come! I always new there had to be some teeth in there somewhere, but I was starting to have nightmares of sending her off to kindergarten with just gums in there!
See her little tooth?

I was able to take a little trip down to L.A. to visit my bff Hannah right in the middle of all of the moving! We had so much fun! We hung out and went camping in the desert. I saw a baby rattlesnake that wanted to kill me and we met up with our friend Sally from high school! Here is a picture of us at the beach!

That's about it aside from that Will and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary! I definitely am married to an amazing man! I am so lucky! I can't wait for the rest of our lives! Oh ya! We did just book a cruise to the Caribbean this fall! Yay! A real vacation! Until next time!


Brynne said...

Fun to finally get an update!! Your house is ADORABLE. I love those Logan homes with old charm. I'm sure you will make it your own in no time! I'm happy for you guys. Lexi is SO big! Crazy. I'm jeolous of two things too: meeting up with Hannah and Sally, and Carribean!! WOO HOOO!!! Have fun. :)

Madi said...

I love when you update! Lexi is so cute! I love when she comes to play at our house. I need to come and see your guys new house!

Finn Clan said...

Congrats on buying a house! What an exciting time, & I'm sure that you guys have been busy. Love all of the pics of Lexi, she is adorable, it would be so fun have our kiddos play... so call me if you're ever in Moscow. :)

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