Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Animal Days!

We just had so much fun with Lexi at Baby Animal Days at the American Heritage Farm. They had all kinds of baby farm animals there as well as some baby bears! Lexi LOVED it! She already freaks out anytime she sees a dog, which she can spot from a mile away. She got to look at and pet a variety of animals and we got to enjoy some beautiful weather!

Daddy, Mommy and Lexi!

Lexi and the Chicken!

Petting the baby bear....
Lexi always sticks her tongue out when she's really excited!

The baby piggys were adorable!

Everywhere we went, Lexi kept wanting to peek through the fence! So cute!

Lexi and Grandma Sandi!

My favorite was the goat...

She even kissed it! Tongue and all!

Lexi and Mommy with the baby bunny!

It was a great day! The end!


Madi said...

Oh she is too cute!! If you are ever in desperate need of babysitter, you know who to call! I woudl love to see her more:)

Stephen & Kendra said...

I have had fun reading your blog. She is adorable. Was that a bear you were holding? That's crazy. Looks like such a fun time.

Shelley said...

Lexi is so, so cute! I think Brandon wants to go out to the summer camp they have. He loved baby animal days too. Love you guys!!

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